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Dallas Trusted Dental Professionals

Individually, our dentists have many years of experience and advanced training and are unique in their skill sets. However, they all share one thingโ€”a commitment to excellence in dentistry and patient care. Often, they collaborate on complex cases, giving you the highest quality of dentistry available and ensuring that youโ€™re completely comfortable during your time with us. Our doctors look forward to meeting and serving you. You can get to know our dentists in Dallas better below.

Portrait photo for doctor Edward Lutz, a dentist in Dallas, TX

Dr. Edward Lutz

Dr. Lutz established his dental practice in 1977 with the belief that excellent dental care followed by good oral home care would afford the majority of patients the ability to keep their teeth with maximum comfort, function, and aesthetics.

Portrait photo for doctor Kristina Miller, a dentist in Dallas, TX

Dr. Kristina Miller-Anagnostis

With a commitment to providing the highest quality dental treatment in a friendly, relaxed, and comfortable setting, Dr. Kristina Miller-Anagnostis offers care for all ages.

Portrait photo for doctor Annie Girson, a dentist in Dallas, TX

Dr. Annie Girson

Dr. Girson became a dentist not only to relieve pain, but also to make patients feel special, confident, and proud of their smile.ย 

Portrait photo for doctor Alon Shalev, a periodontist in Dallas, TX

Dr. Alon Shalev

As a Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Shalev is excited to help every patient achieve their unique smile goals. He specializes in dental implants, tooth extractions, and gum disease therapy…

Portrait photo for doctor Brent Johsnon, an endodontist in Dallas, TX

Dr. Brent Johnson

Dr. Brent Johnson is a specialist who focuses primarily on serving patients in need of root canal therapy. Born and raised in New Orleans…